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The Brands

AG Jeans

AG was launched in 2000 by Yul Ku in California, a pioneer in the denim industry. In 2008, Samuel Ku, son of Yul Ku took over as the brand's Creative Director. Since then, AG has focused its efforts on collections that reflect the true sensibility of the brand: Chic. Sophisticated. Classic.

AG is manufactured from start to finish all under one roof in its own factory in South Gate, California. This means that AG has full control over the entire process. This is something AG takes seriously. From the initial stages of concept and design, to cutting, sewing, laundering and finishing, AG’s manufacturing facilities unite their design expertise with manufacturing ingenuity—unparalleled in the fashion industry. This is why AG is truly a premium denim.

Saint James

Saint James has been spinning some of the world's finest knits out of its Normandy-based factory since 1889 and has become famous for its Breton shirt, a nautical-inspired style featuring classic stripes. All these now must-have basics have boosted the reputation of Saint James. The Saint James's "L'Atelier" line continues this tradition of nautical fashion with timeless basics and constantly reinvented collections whilst remaining fully authentic in the process.

Saint James emphasises its unique local craftsmanship of more than 120 years. Saint James’ rich industrial heritage and excellent craftsmanship have won the France’s most prestigious government recognition: “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Award) by the French State, a label distinguishing the nation’s artisanal and industrial excellence.

The “Raccoutrage”, is one of the main reasons why Saint James was marked with “EPV” – a status awarded only to 43 Haute-Couture and Ready-To-Wear heritage brands with masterful traditional skills.


Pellico opened its first shoe atelier in 1963 in Fosso, a town on the outskirts of Venice Italy. The long tradition in style and refined materials are the most distinctive features of the Pellico brand, which for over half a century has been creating fashionable and unique shoes. Skills, creativity, technique and design are always combined in all its creations.   

The production process is carried out in its small-scale atelier, and to this day continues to reflect the traditions and high quality craftmanship of Pellico.

Celebrating its 55th year, Pellico’s designs are simple and sophisticated with a unique Italian color blend. Most of all, the shoes are comfortable and chic. All these are achieved with the careful and painstaking attention to detail by Luca Pampagnin, designer and director of the Pellico brand.